Pro2Go, a producer of protein-packed snack solutions, launched high protein convenience store product line. The new Pro2Go protein line will marry traditional whole breast chicken skewers with on-the-go convenience. The skewers single-serve package touts 21g of protein in a 4oz serving and comes in Sweet Sriracha Style, Chipotle Style and Rotisserie Style. 

The skewers are designed with a microwaveable container for easy heat-access as well as a detachable sauce tray. The grilled chicken breast packs serve 15g of protein per 2.46oz package and comes in Spicy BBQ, Lightly Seasoned and Buffalo-Style. The new products will be on shelves in major US retailers for an SRP of $3.99 for the skewers and $2.99 for the grilled chicken breasts.  
Snacks packed with protein offer a wide range of benefits aimed at fueling the everyday active lifestyle and promoting mental and physical health. According to Mintel, 74% of snackers want a convenient, grilled meat snack option. Consumers can keep an eye out for the new Pro2Go packaging in convenience stores nationwide.