Little Red Rooster Ice Cream Company, Austin, Tex., extended its NadaMoo! dairy-free, coconut milk ice cream line with four sugar-free flavors. Debuting in March were no sugar added Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Mint Chip varieties.

"Over the past years, more and more consumers have embraced a commitment to their long-term health which includes a reduction in sugar and dairy, but we recognize that doesn't stop cravings for the occasional, decadent treat," said Daniel Nicholson, president and CEO, NadaMoo!. "With this launch, consumers who closely watch their sugar intake can finally let ice cream out of the penalty box, while staying on track with their wellness goals."

Nicholson said no sugar added line will feature the brand's original plant-inspired coconut base, the key ingredient in achieving NadaMoo!'s iconic creamy texture. To keep sugar levels low but still tasty, the line will be sweetened with organic allulose, organic erythritol and a touch of stevia extract. Each serving also includes just 17g-21g of carbohydrates (10-13g net carbs), which is in line for most carb-restrictive diets, including those with diabetes.

"I'm not claiming that we've hit a 'pigs flying' level of achievement, but close," joked Nicholson. "In all seriousness, it can feel pretty liberating to be able to bring back the simple delights of life – like ice cream – without the baggage."

Officials say the new varieties—respectively—also feature organic vanilla beans, ripe strawberries, organic chocolate, and organic peppermint oil. NadaMoo! products also are free from artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, and are certified non-GMO, gluten-free and B-Corp. NadaMoo! also remains committed to using low-impact, environmentally friendly farming practices and 100% sustainably sourced sugarcane & paper-based packaging.

The no sugar added Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Mint Chip will bring NadaMoo!'s product lineup to 19 dairy free flavors (plus rotating seasonal flavors) available at select retailers nationwide, including Publix, and via for $5.99/pint. No sugar added will be available at the brands local Scoop Shop in Austin.