ARYZTA® North America has announced it has changed its name to Aspire Bakeries, a name reflecting the direction the company aims to continue to move – upwards. Following the sale to private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg earlier this year, the company set out to reintroduce itself with a new name while continuing to focus on growth across its three core brands: La Brea Bakery, Otis Spunkmeyer, and Oakrun Farm Bakery. 

Despite the change in ownership, Aspire Bakeries’ strategies will remain the same. The go-to-market approach will continue to focus on the company’s three core brands; its strategy, mission, vision, values, and people will remain intact and it will continue its business focus on QSRs, foodservice and retail in-store bakeries, building on over 50 years of experience in the baking industry.

Innovation will continue to be a key focus area for Aspire Bakeries, as they will invest in their three brands to drive growth in both retail and foodservice. La Brea Bakery recently announced it expanded its popular Take & Bake portfolio to include six new flavors, available nationwide in grocery stores and on Amazon Fresh; Otis Spunkmeyer launched a hybrid version of its muffin loaves and introduced frozen edible cookie dough, available through its fundraising initiative; Oakrun Farm Bakery, which until now has only served the Canadian markets, just introduced new flavors of Belgian Waffles (Cinnamon and Maple) at Walmart stores nationwide.