SOUND Bites from SOUND™ Nutrition help fill the void of clean-label, truly nutritious snacks. The oval-shaped SOUND Bites use natural ingredients and ultrasonics, or sound waves, to preserve nutrients, develop flavor and create the signature texture of SOUND Bites. This process removes the need for fillers to form the product or excess sugar to mask the taste of other ingredients, both of which are common practices in snack production.

With a focus on substance, texture, taste and flavor, these healthful snacks are available in four summer-ready flavors, including Coconut Surprise, Vanilla Lime, Chocolate Raspberry, Mocha.

SOUND Bites from SOUND Nutrition are available direct to consumers exclusively through SOUND Bites contain two oval-shaped bites per pack, and are currently available in a sample case, called the Sampler EP, which includes four SOUND Bites packs featuring one of each flavor for $16. In addition, each flavor is available in a case of 12 priced at $48.