That’s it. launched its innovative Keto Kick coffee energy bar. Keto Kick is a groundbreaking new Keto coffee energy bar made with only six real, whole ingredients, including 95mg of caffeine from Fair Trade, single-origin Ethiopian coffee beans. This new energy bar has created a cleaner and simpler way to feed the body the whole foods and caffeine that it craves, while staying plant-based and Keto-certified.  
Despite its popularity, maintaining a Keto lifestyle on-the-go often means relying on processed convenience foods full of “dirty” ingredients and lacking of any true nutrients. Keto Kick turns this narrative on its head. Staying true to the That’s it. brand, Keto Kick contains only six ingredients, no added sugar or sugar alcohols, and caffeine sourced from real, single-origin coffee beans, rather than the caffeine additives frequently used in energy bars.
Keto Kick is available in two flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla. Its six all-natural ingredients include: organic dates, FiberSMART® Organic Soluble Tapioca Fiber Powder, organic garbanzo beans, organic Ethiopian single-origin Arabica coffee beans, sea salt, and organic cacao or organic vanilla. Each 20g bar is certified USDA Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, and free from the top 12 allergens. It contains 45 calories, five net carbs and 8g of fiber.