Happy Family Organics announced a new nutritious product line, Happy Baby® Made Simple™ Baking Mixes that are made with 100% whole grains, 0g added sugar, and iron to help support brain development. Created for busy mornings, the mixes can be prepped in five minutes or less and are as easy as pour, stir, and cook. Happy Baby Made Simple Mixes are available in two options: Pancake & Waffle Mix and Apple Carrot & Cinnamon Muffin Mix.

The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourages intake of iron-rich foods starting at 6 months of life, especially for breastfed infants to maintain iron status.** The Guidelines note that iron is of concern for underconsumption among infants ages 6 through 11 months who are often fed primarily human milk and consume inadequate sources of iron in the rest of their diet. Additionally, the Guidelines recommend as part of a healthy dietary pattern that half of total grain intake should be whole grains. 

With infant nutrition top of mind, the Happy Family Organics team of parents worked to develop a unique and nutritious new option for little ones. These are the first organic baking mixes curated for baby*, made with 100% whole grains, including wheat, oat and amaranth, and include iron to help support baby's brain development. The mix can also be customized with ½ cup of fresh fruit and veggies like shredded carrots, mashed bananas or blueberries or purees to add even more fruit & veggie goodness.