Clara Foods, a San Francisco based food technology company accelerating the world's transition to animal-free proteins, becomes The EVERY Company and launches the world’s first animal-free, nature-equivalent egg protein — EVERY ClearEgg™. In its quest to launch a portfolio of egg proteins for every application, The EVERY Company’s first egg protein offers a highly soluble, nearly invisible protein boost for use in food and beverage products. Following EVERY ClearEgg, The EVERY Company’s egg protein portfolio will offer a broad array of functionalities as it expands its product platform.

Since its founding in 2014, The EVERY Company has pioneered the movement towards a disruptive advance in food technology by developing real animal proteins without the use of a single animal, starting with animal-free pepsin and now, the world’s first animal-free egg protein. Using precision fermentation, The EVERY Company has successfully created super-functional animal proteins without the animal, requiring a fraction of the earth’s resources compared to industrial animal agriculture.

EVERY ClearEgg is a highly soluble, versatile and functional egg white protein that provides brands with unrivaled optical clarity and a more neutral sensory profile than any leading plant- or animal-based protein on the market. In development for seven years and now the first to market, EVERY ClearEgg enables brands to add a nearly tasteless protein boost to hot and cold beverages, acidic juices, energy drinks, carbonated and clear beverages, as well as snacks and nutrition bars. Proteins by EVERY will support label claims including kosher, halal and animal-free. 

EVERY products will be sold globally by Ingredion, a leading Fortune 500 ingredients distributor. The EVERY Company has also partnered with BioBrew, a ZX Ventures backed venture, and the global investment and innovation group of AB InBev, to brew its animal-free protein using precision fermentation at scale. EVERY’s first egg protein will be launching as a co-branded ingredient with its first retail customer later this year.

In the future, EVERY will apply its precision fermentation technology platform to an expanded range of animal-free proteins for use in foodservice and consumer packaged goods applications.