Zhou Nutrition, maker of high-quality, lab-verified supplements for holistic wellness, is debuting an innovative new line, Zhou Nutrition Water Enhancers. Zhou Nutrition Water Enhancers are available in six natural flavors, and support a variety of wellness needs, from hair and skin health, to memory, and management of occasional stress.
Zhou Nutrition Water Enhancers are concentrated liquid formulas designed to easily mix into any beverage. Simply add two squeezes into water, juice, smoothies and more for a daily boost of wellness on-the-go. Zhou Nutrition Water Enhancers come in convenient squeezable bottles and are easy to keep in a backpack, purse, desk and more. The squeezable bottles are available in six flavors and functions with an SRP of $5.99 per 1.75 fl-oz bottle. Additional product details include:
• Hairfluence Water Enhancer – This premium complex is formulated with biotin and a unique herbal blend to help support stronger, healthier hair and has a watermelon flavor.
• Glowfluence Water Enhancer – An easy way to nourish skin throughout the day, this formula helps keep skin glowing from the inside out and has a grapefruit flavor sweetened with stevia leaf.
• Calm Now Water Enhancer – This powerful soothing stress blend supports a focused, relaxed mindset and has a cherry flavor.
• Energy + Focus Water Enhancer – This orange flavored formula supports focus, clarity and energy through B12, caffeine and L-Theanine.
• Collagen Peptides Water Enhancer – This tropical berry flavored powerhouse supports healthier skin and nails, lean muscle mass, and healthy joint and tendon flexibility.
• Neuro-Peak Water Enhancer – Scientifically formulated with mushroom superfoods and herbs,two drops a day of this berry flavored brain booster supports memory, clarity and concentration whenever you need it.