A new natural foods company, Adapto, launched with a pioneering product line of adaptogen-boosted pantry staples.

To mark the occasion, the company, based in Boulder, Colo., released adaptogen-boosted oatmeal bowls. Although other natural food and supplement companies offer adaptogens, they typically come in the form of powders and drinks. Adapto offers the benefits of adaptogen supplemented oatmeal in a single serving, ready-to-eat meal.

Adapto offers five types of oatmeal bowls which provide for five different beneficial effects depending on what the customer is seeking (better sleep, stress relief, improved concentration, etc.). The focus of the company and its products is wholly on health optimization for consumers, and the foods are infused with high quality, full spectrum functional mushroom and botanical adaptogens.

Mushroom-based adaptogens have been used for thousands of years as a means of self-care and optimizing health. Adapto honors this ancient wisdom and has consulted with experts in Eastern medicine during product development. They then took that knowledge to the next level by bringing onboard an experienced researcher to conduct meta-analysis of the most current peer-reviewed published research on the effects of adaptogens.

Adapto products are portioned so that dietary and adaptogen supplementation is in balance for the day. This means the consumer knows exactly what they are getting in each serving. As Adapto expands throughout 2022, the company will be widening its scope and product offerings to include other foods and ways for customers to get adaptogen supplements in an easy and delicious form.