Industry experts are set to share insights regarding the food and beverage product development landscape. We are anxious to learn from them at Prepared Foods’ New Products Conference, September 12 - 13 in Philadelphia.

Some highlights include:

Plant the Flag! Where Activism Meets Innovation in Plant-Based Products

Often the most inspired business innovation comes from outside the business realm. It comes from real life and real need demonstrated in other areas. One example came from lawyer and political ethicist-activist Mahatma Gandhi who said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Applying that same passion and purpose are Jonah Goldman and Spike Mendelsohn, co-founders of Eat the Change, a planet-friendly snack company with a mission to “create chef-crafted and nutrient dense snacks that are kind to the planet.” A celebrity chef, Mendelsohn also co-founded the fast-growing restaurant chain PLNT Burger along with Seth and Jonah Goldman. This exclusive NPC session considers consumer insights as well as the latest plant-based product trends at both retail and foodservice. Prepared Foods Publisher Mike Leonard discusses all the angles with Spike Mendelsohn and Jonah Goldman.

Leveraging Your Customers to Drive Sustainable Innovation

If food and beverage manufacturers took a consumer-first approach to everything from product and package development, it could dramatically enhance the ideation and innovation process. Developing sustainable packaged goods is a process that any organization can implement, argues R. Andrew Hurley, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship at Clemson University’s Food, Nutrition & Packaging Sciences program. Listen, learn and leverage insights from Dr. Hurley as he describes how new product teams can integrate a sustainable innovation process into every aspect of product innovation.

Philadelphia Story! Nurturing Innovation, From Initial Launch to Iteration

Here’s an entrepreneurial innovation story set in Philadelphia! Cynthia Tice opened her own natural foods store, Center Foods, in Philadelphia, in 1978. Later, by 2003, she was determined to kick sugar—but not her love of chocolate. Those passions eventually led her to co-found Lily’s Sweets in 2010. By 2017-2018, Tice realized she needed capital and help and turned to equity investor VMG Partners, San Francisco. That led to Lily’s move to Boulder, Colo., where industry veteran Jane Strode Miller became CEO and Cynthia remained involved with innovation and the brand’s mission. Last June, The Hershey Company officially acquired Lily’s for its better-for-you portfolio.

Listen and learn as Tice shares stories and insights, successes and challenges … around growing the Lily’s brand through continued innovation and iteration! Tice also mentors growing natural and organic food companies in her role as a board member of Naturally Network, Boulder, Colo.

Prepared Foods’ New Products Conference delivers the industry’s most focused look at food & beverage innovation—from consumer insights, product and packaging trends to the new tastes and latest technologies (e-commerce, artificial intelligence, etc) impacting R&D.

Join us in Philadelphia September 12 - 13, 2022.

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