Lentiful announced the official launch of its company and its line of instant lentil meals.

Lentiful's "just add water, stir and microwave" meals eliminate the time-intensive process of cooking lentils, offering consumers an on-the-go, plant-based meal that cooks in just over a minute.

As nitrogen-fixing plants that revitalize soil, lentils are increasingly used by farms across America making the transition towards regenerative agriculture. And these lentils come packed with two functional attributes that American consumers actively seek: muscle-friendly protein and gut-friendly fiber.

Lentiful's first product line comes in three popular savory flavors, Mexican Green Chile, Thai Coconut and French Mirepoix, and one sweet/breakfast flavor, Cinnamon Apple.

All four Lentiful SKUs come in 57oz single-serve microwavable paper cups for an SRP of $4.95. They are also available direct-to-consumer in 4 and 8-packs at www.eatlentiful.com.