HIPPEAS® launched a Chickpea Tortilla Chip flavor: Nacho Vibes™. The consumer-requested flavor has the crunch and taste of mainstream nacho flavored tortilla chips but was developed with the better-for-you attributes HIPPEAS® is known for: vegan/dairy-free, certified gluten-free, and non-GMO. The new addition rounds out the other Chickpea Tortilla Chip offerings including Straight Up Sea Salt™, Rockin' Ranch™ and Sea Salt & Lime. Consumers can find the full HIPPEAS® Chickpea Tortilla Chip lineup at Sprouts Farmers Markets and select retailers nationwide as well as on Amazon and HIPPEAS.com. 

HIPPEAS® Nacho Vibes™ Tortilla Chips are made from chickpeas, listed as the first ingredient. With 3g of protein and 3g of fiber per 1oz serving, these chickpea chips pack a punch of plant power.

HIPPEAS® is all about mind, body and soil. Chickpeas support a healthy and diverse farm by naturally keeping nutrients in the soil, where they should be! HIPPEAS® chickpeas are farmed using practices like conservation tillage to improve soil erosion and crop rotations that improve soil health. These crops are farmed using 10% of the water of most proteins, which means 90% less water taken from Mother Nature. Chickpeas naturally use less fertilizer by pulling nitrogen from the air, which helps lower the brand's carbon footprint.