Caribe Juice, maker of WTRMLN WTR®, a cold pressed watermelon juice brand, announced the launch of WTRMLN® ADE, a clean cold-pressed ultra-hydrating lemonade that harnesses the hydration superpower of real watermelon in a refreshing lemonade. Each 12oz bottle packs a whopping 600mg or more of electrolytes, on par with shelf stable sports drinks, thanks to its high concentration of naturally electrolyte-rich watermelon, and touts 100% DV Vitamin C, No Added Sugar, and half the calories and sugar of traditional lemonade. WTRMLN® ADE is available in 3 popular flavors: Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Limeade.

With the launch of the new line, WTRMLN®  doubles down on its unique positioning as the authority on watermelon and all its hydrating benefits.

WTRMLN® ADE is a full flavor sport lemonade that delivers thirst-quenching benefits to help consumers hydrate faster and recover more efficiently than regular water without all the junk ingredients found in most sports drinks. Like all WTRMLN® products, the base is cold pressed watermelon juice, which delivers one of the cleanest sources of hydration on the planet. Combined with lemon and other real juices, the result is a super-hydrating lemonade that delivers the key functional benefits found in watermelon, such as clean electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants.

WTRMLN® ADE will be available in retailers such as Target, Stop & Shop, and Whole Foods (starting September) as well as regional accounts throughout the Northeast and West Coast.