Leading squeezable pouch snack GoGo squeeZ® continues the momentum around its newest innovation, GoGo squeeZ® Active Fruit Blend with Electrolytes with a new campaign, the 'FUN-damentals,' and a breaking partnership with trailblazing World Champion, Logan 'Logistx' Edra, all in service of taking the junk out of sports.

At a time when seriousness and social pressures are increasingly weighing down active lifestyles, the 'FUN-damentals' campaign puts a high-energy spotlight on the genuine joy of playing sports, being active and moving. The campaign reminds viewers to make fun the goal of staying active through a 30-second spot set to an original song called GET UP, written and performed for GoGo squeeZ® by Gen-Z Canadian rapper and actor, Connor Price. From pick-up basketball to pickleball to skateboarding and more, the spot shows how GoGo squeeZ® Active Fruit Blend with Electrolytes is a great sidekick to help replenish any active lifestyle.

GoGo squeeZ® continues the spirit of its 'FUN-damentals' campaign off-screen with a partnership with B-Girl and World Champion athlete, Logan 'Logistx' Edra, to encourage more people to give breaking, the "it" sport of summer, a try.  Breaking, with its dynamic energy and spirit, aligns perfectly with the ethos of the campaign, encouraging individuals to step out of their comfort zones and traditional sports to explore new avenues of excitement and self-expression.

The athlete kicked off the partnership at the iconic Playground LA studio where she taught the fundamentals of the emerging sport that's earning massive global attention and will take center stage this summer. Edra is further encouraging participation in the sport through a social media content series, teaming up with other breakers around the world, to help inspire fans to try the sport at home. Set to rapper Connor Price's track Trendsetter, Edra and her fellow breakers will share their go-to breaking moves to encourage anyone to show off their moves along to the beat.

GoGo squeeZ® Active with Electrolytes pouches are available at mass retailers (Kroger, Walmart, Target, Amazon) and grocers for an SRP of $9.99 for a 10-count pack.