And now we come to the conversation all of us must endure at some point in our lives: salty or sweet? Some deviants have skirted the issue by claiming they prefer sweet and salty. No! This is entirely unacceptable! Or! Or! Or!

No need to dally, I know my preference. Salty! Salt of the Earth! There is no alternative! Wait, something just occurred to me. I know you're all food scientists, but pass this little nugget on to your marketing departments: Salt-ernative. C'mon! It's great. Low-sodium ingredients for us snack lovers. Holy goodness! Sweets have their lows and lesses. How about something catchy for the low-sodium crowd?

I don't know why I'm expounding on this topic. I want full salt. The regular, delicious amount, please.

Sugar, sweet. Ok, let's talk about it. Eh. People love it. Sugar has a pretty good track record with the human species. But come on! Belly ache? I've never had a belly ache from salt. Too much salt gives you a thirst. A bag of pretzels and a cold glass of carbonated water. Goodbye, sweet home! Too much sugar: Excuse me while I lay down and feel like I'm going to explode into a billion sick pieces. No. No, no, no!

Salty or sweet? Leave your comments below.


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