March 4/Tualatin, Ore./Business Wire -- Pacific Foods is unveiling a new and cleaner version of its line of chicken broths.

In search of richer flavor from purer ingredients, Pacific spent five years on a broth recipe and has successfully removed cane sugar, yeast extract and chicken flavor, a standard flavor enhancer in the industry. The simplified ingredient panel -- water, chicken, onion, sea salt and rosemary extract -- is a better reflection of Pacific’s ingredient philosophy, which is guided by consumers’ right to know where their food comes from.

“This was a significant undertaking for Pacific, driven by our determination to ensure every ingredient on the label could be traced back to the source,” said Kevin Tisdale, vice president of marketing. “The catalyst was to remove chicken ‘flavor’ and other unnecessary ingredients, and the result was not just a cleaner ingredient panel, but a more nutritious broth with a flavor as pure and delicious as homemade.”

In developing its new recipe, the company tested different breeds of free-range chicken, as well as different parts of the bird and varying cooking methods. The method that proved best? Cooking the old-fashioned way -- roasting meat and bones first, and then slow simmering to yield the most authentic flavor and highest nutrition. Pacific’s long-standing Organic Chicken Broth now has 6g of protein per serving (compared to the industry average of 2g) and 25% less sodium.