Protein Power, comaxAccording to The NPD Group’s “Protein Perceptions and Needs” report, 78% of U.S. consumers believe that protein contributes to a healthy diet, and more than half of adult consumers want to incorporate more protein into their diets. From protein bars and beverages to Greek yogurt and milk, consumer packaged goods manufacturers have responded to the demand for protein-rich foods. U.S. sales of packaged foods with protein-related claims on their labels rose to $7.5 billion during a 52-week period ended February 15, 2014, according to Nielsen research.

In response, Comax Flavors has created the “Protein Power” flavor masking line. Recognizing that many key protein sources—such as soy, whey, lentil and pea—often contribute a bitter taste, Comax created a proprietary technology that engineered to mask bitter notes. Officials say the technology can be used in a variety of applications including protein bars, cereal, baked goods, shakes, dairy and non-dairy formulas and juice beverages. 

“U.S. consumers want protein-rich foods and beverages without sacrificing taste and Comax is committed to delivering protein masking flavors that meet the consumers’ desire for these fortified products,” says Catherine Armstrong, vice president of corporate communications.

—Comax Flavors,