Watson Inc. was honored to be among industry experts presenting at the recent SupplySide West convention in Las Vegas. Alice Wilkinson, Watson’s vice president of quality and nutritional research and development, addressed the topic, “Key Considerations in the Formulation of Nutrient Premixes and the Benefit of Microencapsulated Nutrients.” 


Wilkinson explained that when formulating dietary supplements or fortified foods, formulators must consider the chemical and physical properties of each micronutrient to be used as well as its compatibility with the finished product. The overages necessary to compensate for processing and storage losses must be built into the formulation. Wilkinson said new technology-based solutions, such as microencapsulation, can be instrumental to overcome challenges such as stability concerns, heat tolerance, and the masking of undesirable flavors and odors. She also explained various technologies available for microencapsulation and the resulting characteristics of the coating matrix.

Wilkinson illustrated that navigating a complex set of variables is key to formulating a product that will be successful in the marketplace. Expertise and experience can help food and supplement manufacturers avoid costly errors such as inappropriately high overages which overrun price points, off flavors impacting consumer acceptance, and potential recalls due to product not meeting label claim.—Watson Inc., www.watson-inc.com

Watson’s 2014 SupplySide West presentation was recorded and is available for on-line viewing at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JghgaLqzwTI.

Additional presentations including the 2013 SupplySide West presentation can be found at https://www.youtube.com/user/YourWatsonVideo.