Ingredion Incorporated offers a new white paper, titled, “Addressing Texture Challenges of Pourable Salad Dressing through Novel Formulation Approaches.” The paper presents novel formulation approaches and ingredient solutions to salad dressing manufacturers through technical case studies on the reduction of oil and texture transformation while maintaining a majority of the same ingredients, equipment and manufacturing process. 

Pourable salad dressings represent a convenient way to add flavor and variety to salads, appetizers and meals. Growing at a positive rate, this segment is looking to reduce oil, fat and sugar, add nutrient content and/or cost reduction while maintaining consumer taste and texture expectations – thereby, creating numerous formulation challenges for manufacturers.

Ingredion addresses these challenges through its proprietary DIAL-IN® Texture Technology, a methodical, data-driven approach to texture optimization that establishes a texture target and combines sensory evaluation, rheological measurements, process understanding and formulations expertise to arrive at the desired texture target.

“We continually stay abreast of the trends impacting the dressings segment such as ingredient cost reduction, evolving range of flavors or textures, health and wellness and more, in order to offer our customers targeted solutions to meet these demands,” says Agnes Jones, savory marketing manager with Ingredion Incorporated. “As this paper details, our innovative approach and ingredient solutions, such as PRECISA® Cling 20i texture system, allows manufacturers to reduce oil by 20% while maintaining key product attributes such as creaminess, viscosity, cling and suspension.”

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