ICL Food Specialties used the Research Chef Association (RCA) Annual Conference and Culinology Expo to showcase several functional ingredients with a bayou inspired twist! 

ICL Food Specialties is a global leader in creative food ingredient systems tailored by application. Guided by a thorough understanding of the trends impacting the needs of our customers and the processing challenges of the industry, product developers created several tailored formulations that optimize the texture and sensory experience.

“ICL Food Specialties has aligned our food ingredient portfolio and application experts to provide customers with market-focused resources and services to assist them in tailoring a formulation without sacrificing flavor,” says Beth Warren, Commercial Director, Americas, ICL Food Specialties. “These Louisiana-inspired, low-fat and low-sodium samplings will provide RCA expo attendees a small ‘taste’ of these ingredient capabilities; we also hope to share a glimpse of how these functional ingredients can be applied to real-life culinary trends and customer challenges.”

Through a delectable “Southern Praw’leen Dream” high-protein whey beverage and shrimp and cream cheese filled “Bayou Biscuits,” ICL Food Specialties will feature several of their key functional ingredients including:

BEKAPLUS® Specialties, multi-component solutions that deliver optimum texture and enhancement for dairy and beverage products

JOHA® Specialties, which provides high-performance protein modification and stabilization, along with tailored melt and viscosity to milk beverages and creamy cheeses – with reduced fat

Licresse™, a natural food ingredient inherently high in antioxidant compounds that stabilizes flavor and fortifies color in applications ranging from bakery to dairy to beverages

Levona® Brio, a reduced-sodium bakery leavener that optimizes volume and texture

Salona® natural sea salt, which replaces up to 50% of sodium chloride in bakery, dairy and meat/poultry/seafood applications

In addition, the ICL Food Specialties celebrated its food scientist Melissa Machen, who recently attained a Certified Culinary Scientist (CCS®) certification to support the company’s customer culinary projects and allow for even greater synchronization with customers. ICL Food Specialties Food Scientists Marty Brouillette and Aunna Messing also are working toward CSS certification.

CCS certification confers a new status on experienced food scientists and technologists who have augmented their training by learning about the culinary arts and who then apply this knowledge in the formulation and development of superior food products.

“The synergy of culinary arts and food science is imperative for creating new food products that are commercially producible, and yet satisfying to a demanding gastronomic market,” says Machen. “From understanding the basic fundamentals of culinary preparation to discovering the flavor trends of global cuisine, the certification courses provide a unique hands-on training and creative opportunity. The skills and relationships developed in this certification program have already proven valuable.”

ICL Food Specialties offers a diverse portfolio of functional ingredients and extensive application experience. The ICL Food Specialties team has the expertise that inspires customers to innovate faster by selecting the right ingredients for function earlier in the development cycle. To learn more about how ICL Food Specialties’ market- and trend-focused experts can help customers tailor a formulation without sacrificing taste, contact ICL at foodexperts@icl-group.com or www.iclfood.com.

Joha®, Levona®, and Salona® are registered trademarks and Licresse™ is a trademark of ICL Performance Products LP. BEKAPLUS® is a registered trademark of BK Giulini GmbH. ©2015 ICL Food Specialties. A division of ICL Performance Products LP.