MYOS Corporation, Cedar Knolls, N.J., introduces Re Muscle Health™, a line of non-GMO protein bars, shakes, pudding mixes and ready-to-eat powders. Officials say Re Muscle Health™ products help rebuild, rejuvenate and maintain lean muscle and are designed for individuals who want an all-natural product with clinically proven results. 

Fortetropin®, the active ingredient in Re Muscle Health™, is clinically proven to build healthy lean muscle. It accomplishes this through a fertilized egg-based protein and lipid complex that increases protein synthesis and inhibits muscle degradation pathways while naturally reducing serum myostatin activity. Myostatin is a major regulator of muscle size and functionality. Re Muscle Health™ also has 20g of protein to help protect, preserve and promote healthy lean muscle.

Re Muscle Health™ Bars, powders and meal replacement shakes can be used daily…

… to increase both muscle thickness and lean body mass
… for workout recovery (protein helps promote muscle recovery and growth)
… as a snack or meal replacement

The Re Muscle Health™ Series comes in six flavors, and can be pre-ordered online at

"We are proud to launch Re Muscle Health™, a new brand designed to rebuild, rejuvenate and deliver muscle health results,” says Doug Weekes, MYOS chief commercial officer. Re Muscle Health™ has the potential to revolutionize the way consumers prevent the inevitable muscle loss that accompanies aging. The products taste great, use only non-GMO ingredients, and deliver the added benefit of muscle health. Our marketing in the coming year will focus on driving product trials and raising awareness through event marketing, sampling, and social media. will introduce people to Re Muscle Health™ and educate them on sarcopenia, age-related muscle loss and other acute muscle diseases."

"It is becoming increasingly apparent that muscle is a master regulatory tissue, which is critical to metabolic and physiologic stability,” adds Dr. Robert Hariri, MYOS chairman. “Building and maintaining lean muscle mass is one of the most important and actionable aspects of preserving good health. MYOS discovered fertilized chicken eggs were a source of stem cell proteins and lipids. The daily use of Fortetropin® has been clinically proven to improve lean muscle mass in conjunction with exercise. The results of the clinical trials conducted with Fortetropin® demonstrated statistically significant increases in strength and power end points as measured by bench press, leg press and wingate power.” MYOS is a biotherapeutics and bionutrition company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of products that improve muscle health and function essential to the management of sarcopenia, cachexia and degenerative muscle diseases.

MYOS is the owner of Fortetropin®, the first clinically proven natural myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is a natural regulatory protein, which inhibits muscle growth and recovery. Medical literature suggests that lowering myostatin levels has many potential health benefits including increased muscle mass, healthy weight management, improved energy levels, stimulation of muscle healing as well as treating sarcopenia, a condition of age-related loss of muscle mass. Visit for more details.