PROVA is a global leader in the manufacture of vanilla, cocoa and coffee extracts and flavors for the food and beverage industries.

 Bill Graham, vice president, sales, North America, notes that PROVA is reorganizing its application laboratory in Paris, France, and developing a “Creative Workshop” program that also will enhance sweet brown flavors applications work in the United States. 

“The ‘Creative Workshop’ concept is essentially an R&D initiative that will demonstrate an even more creative and innovative image of PROVA,” says Graham. “It will maximize the expertise of our pastry chef, Christophe Vicente, who brings exemplary professional know-how to our global customers who are looking to launch more sophisticated and more attractive chocolate and biscuit products.

“The ‘Creative Workshop’ takes a proactive approach in monitoring and anticipating trends,” Graham continues. “It’s working in concert with PROVA’s global marketing experts and subsequently offering their insights to our sales team. We anticipate that our findings will lead to the design of two new flavor collections each year, one in Spring-Summer and another in Fall-Winter.” 

Graham notes that as part of the reorganization, Marie Le Beller will return to France and resume her role as Application Laboratory Manager. Le Beller and Chef Vicente will work together—along with food technologist Brian Wilson in the Danvers, Mass., application lab—to develop new concepts targeted to the US market. 

“Since Marie has previously worked here in the US with PROVA’s flavor team in Danvers, she understands the US market,” Graham notes. “Our new ‘Creative Workshop’ will allow Brian to collaborate with Marie and Christophe, and other PROVA applications specialists around the world, to form a global applications team that is focused on developing high-end, creative ways to feature sweet brown flavors.” 


When PROVA was founded in France in 1946, it brought an original extraction technology and soon became known as one of the world’s major vanilla pod processors. Through its targeted and diverse focus on cocoa, coffee and vanilla, PROVA holds a strong position as a specialist in sweet brown flavors. 

In addition, PROVA offers a line of gourmet flavors that includes caramel, pastry and non-allergenic nuts. PROVA's headquarters in France features integrated processing of raw materials and product creation and development services which are complemented by a US presence in Danvers, Mass., where continuing expansions are underway. PROVA products are distributed worldwide through an efficient network of knowledgeable sales and technical professionals.

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