The American Egg Board (AEB) will embrace “Go with Purpose” as its theme for the 2017 IFT Show in Las Vegas.  AEB wants attendees to remember that our charge is to provide every person on the planet with a “safe, nutritious and sustainable food supply.” And AEB couldn’t agree more. Egg products provide a safe and nutritious supply of ingredients that can help achieve that goal.

In terms of supply, egg ingredients are available in abundance. AEB has an equally abundant library of concepts and ideas to help formulators take advantage of egg functionality, flavor and versatility. Explore the possibilities and potential of egg ingredients at AEB Booth #1758 in Las Vegas, June 25-28. On hand to answer any technical or functional questions will be Shelly McKee, PhD., and technical advisor for the American Egg Board.

Go for the Gold

While going with purpose, might as well go for the gold, or the gold standard with new product introductions. Today’s consumer is looking for clean label products that deliver on taste, texture and appearance. Egg ingredients can play key roles in developing gold standard foods, especially in baking applications.

At the 2016 IFT, AEB presented a newly published collection of reports that compared the functional and organoleptic performance of egg ingredients to blends or ingredients commonly recommended as egg replacers. That first set of reports focused on yellow batter cake, crème cake blueberry muffins, cookies, brownies, sponge cake and more. Gold standard results were achieved using egg ingredients in these baking applications.

That research continues and for 2017, new reports compare and contrast the performance of eggs versus replacements in nougat, angel food cake, frozen custard, frozen waffles, mayonnaise and pasta. View the latest research results at AEB’s booth. In addition, all of the reports and research results are housed on a single website,

Need some additional food for thought? AEB will greet this year’s IFT visitors with Chocolate Almond Biscotti, Flourless Chocolate Cake and Sponge Cake Mousse Trio.

Go with Trust

As far as safety, all further processed egg ingredients boast an unbroken safety record that spans more than 40 years. Since 1970, with the advent of the Egg Products Inspection Act, all further-processed U.S. egg products distributed for consumption are pasteurized to eliminate Salmonella. 

There have been no recorded outbreaks of salmonellosis linked to pasteurized egg products since its inception. That includes all forms of liquid, frozen and dried ingredients. Food manufacturers and foodservice organizations that use further processed egg ingredients can place confidence in the safety of the supply.

Speaking of supply, the egg industry released results from a landmark 50-year study that documents egg farmers’ progress to improve their environmental footprint and efforts toward greater sustainability. For more information visit

Go with Nutritious

In terms of egg nutrition, one average large egg contains 6g of high-quality protein and a complement of 13 vitamins and minerals. This nutrition profile obviously plays a role in the selection of hard-boiled eggs for protein packs, or scrambled eggs in a breakfast bowl, with both formats proliferating on store shelves. 

When eggs are folded into a formulation, nutrition is important but equally or more so is the more than 20 different functional properties supplied by egg ingredients. This beneficial nutritional reputation helps make a positive statement to consumers when eggs are on the label.

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