Athletes and active individuals rely on recovery supplements to return to training as soon as possible. Many athletes also turn to ibuprofen, naproxen, and other NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to combat soreness and inflammation. Little known is that these compounds work against rapid recovery and can be toxic to health. ProMera Sports, a division of Vireo Systems, Inc., is introducing a product developed and researched to not only optimize recovery, but also address the FDA medically recognized condition of Exercised Induced Inflammation (EII).

Strenuous exercise instigates a natural inflammation response in the body which effects skeletal muscle, joints, connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons, and every cell in the body. EII in tissues is a normal part of increasing performance and strength, but it can delay or disrupt active training.  

ALPHA-RECOVERY PLUS™, containing Alpha-GEE®, is an innovative advancement in recovery that relieves the pain of EII, while supporting the body's own natural healing processes.

Clinical research demonstrates that when specific amino acids are conjugated into the compound Alpha-GEE®, they effectively decrease tissue inflammation without the toxicity* of NSAID COX-inhibitors like ibuprofen. 

Mark Faulkner, president of Vireo and ProMera explains that, "NSAID use simply masks pain and actually impedes certain tissue repair due to the toxic effect on various cellular functions of the human body. When athletes reach for ibuprofen, they block critical components of recovery and slow down a return to training."

* NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen are known to:

• Impair the health of connective tissue (tendons, ligaments)
• Negatively affect bone health
• Increase oxidative stress in the body
• Cause kidney damage, GI ulcerations, and some cardiovascular problems

Alpha-GEE® (AG) is safe and supports optimized, non-toxic, and healthy recovery of tissue. It delivers the same dose-related anti-inflammatory properties for EII as ibuprofen, but without any side effects. Because Alpha-GEE does not inhibit cyclooxygenase enzymes, it is not a COX inhibitor like most popular NSAIDs.

In addition to Alpha-GEE®, ALPHA-RECOVERY PLUS™ includes BCAA's, electrolytes, and a more soluble Glutamine Hydrochloride (G-HCl) to promote full-spectrum recovery from exercise.  Research demonstrates that Glutamine HCl is significantly more soluble than standard glutamine so athletes can dose with less and expect the same effective benefits of standard glutamine.

An added benefit of Alpha-GEE® is that it accelerates the diffusion of lactic acid that builds up in muscles during intense training.