Seeds and their potential are what inspired Bill Forsman to start Vitaminseed®, and to pioneer a manufacturing model known as Repurposed Seed NutritionTM (RSN). Forsman has more than 30 years of experience in value-added food manufacturing, and has invested the past several years making Repurposed Seed NutritionTM (RSN) a reality. Working with farmers, agricultural experts, and food scientists, Forsman has helped refine a cold-press process that preserves the intense nutrition of seeds, making it available for a variety of high-value nutritional foods.

The result of this cold-pressed process is MegaseedTM, Vitaminseed®’s proprietary blend of seven cold-pressed seed oils and powders. The antioxidant-rich blend is infused into every Vitaminseed® product. Most recently, Vitaminseed® launched Seedshotz®, a nutrition drink powered by seeds, and designed to be used two to three times per day. Drinkable seed nutrition may seem like an unusual concept, but the results of infusing cold-pressed seed oils and seed powders are promising. Boasting a healthy dose of Vitamin C, healthy fats (Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s), and even fiber, protein, calcium and iron, the little shots are poised to make daily nutrition simple.

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Vitaminseed® is also announced the upcoming launch of its plant protein shake mix, SeedFuzionTM. Delivering the same seed nutrients as Seedshotz®, SeedFuzionTM will complement breakfast routines or post-workout recoveries.