All In Nutrition LLC released WICKED Energy Bars in 2015 as a brand focused on providing as much protein as possible with the best all natural superfood ingredients. After its launch, the brand quickly grew its local popularity which lead to launching in 65 Market Basket stores in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. 

After over 75 in store demos, the decision was made to capture all of the customer feedback received and refocus its mission. In 2018, All In Nutrition LLC rebranded its flagship product and the WICKED Protein Brand was born. WICKED Protein Bars capture the leading market trends of all natural, gluten free, GMO-free, and keto-friendly.

WICKED Protein Bars have more protein, less sugar, and fewer calories than the leading snack protein bar brand. Since the retail launch, the WICKED Protein brand has expanded into Roche Bros, Big Y, Donelan’s Market, and Dave’s Fresh Marketplace.

WICKED Protein Bars retail for two for $5, with promotions up of two for $4. WICKED Protein Bars come in three flavors: Maple, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Cayenne, and are distributed out of Londonderry, N.H.