Elements is a new brand of functional wellness drinks. According to the company, every dose of the plant-based tonics contains clinically-effective levels of adaptogens, to provide the body with what it needs when it feels off balance. Varieties include Vitality, Focus, Calm and Rest. Dropped into water and stirred, these tonics interact with the adrenal system to consistently balance stress levels.

Developed with a licensed ethnobotanist and a food innovation agency, Elements has sourced ingredients to ensure a function first mentality. The adaptogens tapped for these master blends, rhodiola, schisandra, holy basil, ginseng and ashwaganda, have learned how to thrive in stressful environments and can teach the body to do the same. They maintain a remarkable ability to work with the human body to combat stress.

More about the four concentrates:

• Vitality: to help you find energy when you feel tired and lethargic
• Focus: to help you find clarity and concentration when you feel distracted and dull
• Calm: to help you find ease when you feel occasional stress
• Rest: to help you relax the body and quiet the mind when you feel ready for bed

Elements tonics retail at $40 each and come in a two-fluid-ounce glass bottle, delivering 20 servings. Dual pack boxes retail at $76, and include a paired uplift and unwind tonic.  For the convenience of everyday use, a subscription model is offered on the site for any combination of tonics.