Elements, a new brand of adaptogenic canned drinks informed by science and formulated for life, recently hit retail. Each of the colorful 11.5oz cans contain clinically effective levels of adaptogens, super plants that work with your body to naturally regulate stress levels and help find balance. The refreshing, non-carbonated beverages are an addition to a healthy daily routine with only 20-25 calories and 4g of sugar per can. Elements will launch with four functional and tasty flavors to support consumers through the highs and lows of each day; Vitality, Focus Calm, and Sleep are formulated with powerful doses of adaptogens.

To ensure drinkers feel the desired effects, Izen enlisted an Ethnobotanist and a Doctor of Psychonutrition to identify powerful adaptogens that have scientifically proven benefits in humans. The adaptogens in the blends, including rhodiola, schisandra, holy basil, and ashwagandha, have been used for thousands of years in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. (Chin Med Journal, 2018) Modern science has confirmed their benefits through clinical research, showing adaptogens can improve cognitive performance and memory, enhance endurance, and boost energy, immunity, and resilience to stress. (Swedish Herbal Institute Research & Development, 2010).

Vitality (Ginger Orange) - to help find energy when feeling tired and lethargic
Focus (Blueberry Lemon) - to help find concentration when feeling distracted and dull
Calm (Vanilla Apple Cider) - to help find ease when you feeling occasional stress
Sleep (Cherry Vanilla Almond) - to help relax the body and quiet the mind when feeling ready for bed

Elements will be available on www.elementsdrinks.com and in select partners nationwide including Wegman’s and Walgreens. The 11.5oz cans retail at $3.49 and a 12-pack box retails at $41.88. All purchases on elementsdrinks.com will receive free nationwide shipping and the option for free same-day delivery in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. For the convenience of daily use, a subscription model is offered on the website with a 10% discount.