The Ready to Thrive! Smoothie brand added two new flavors – Boost and Rejuvenate – to its current line-up which includes the popular Energy and Green. The new ready-to-blend frozen smoothie cups are available at Target stores nationwide for $3.99.

Boost will feature vitamin-abundant whole foods to support vitality and immunity, including mango, pineapple, avocado, zucchini, matcha tea, cacao and spinach.

Rejuvenate will feature essential antioxidant and omega-rich foods for recovery and renewal, including acai, red grape, strawberry, avocado, blueberry, cauliflower, and black chia seeds.

With a mission towards “accessible health,” Ready to Thrive! Smoothies were carefully curated to deliver on flavor while offering potent servings of fruits, veggies, antioxidants and nutrients. The pre-portioned cups feature all-natural plant-based foods that are freshly cut and flash frozen to retain optimal nutrient density with no added sugars or preservatives. At half of the price of competing brands, Ready to Thrive! Smoothies allow consumers to easily integrate nutritious meals into their daily diets.

In order to remain environmentally conscious, Ready to Thrive! Smoothies feature reusable and recyclable packaging. Simply open the lid, add a preferred liquid—from almond milk to coconut milk or just plain old H2O—and blend. The finished smoothies may be poured right back into the same container, with minimal cleanup needed.