PECKISH, a brand that reimagined the ready-to-eat egg, introduced a reengineered format of its marquee PECK Pack in a 30-count egg and dip bundle offering. PECKISH Office Snack Box will offer workplaces the opportunity to provide their staff better-for-you snacks through new direct-to-manager distribution services available via and select foodservice distributors.

PECKISH also launched its new six-count individually wrapped eggs, a convenient, clean fresh protein addition to any dish or school lunchbox to be found with the other boiled eggs in grocery later this Fall. 
Since the birth of PECKISH in January 2019, the brand has become a leading innovator in the healthy snacking space, offering consumers new whole food snacks or mini meal options. Thanks to PECK Packs, consumers can enjoy fresh, protein-rich products created with the cleanest ingredients to evoke indulgent culinary-inspired flavors. With the launch of its new six-count individually wrapped eggs and Office Snack Box, PECKISH will now offer a wider, unique distribution of products for consumers to experience.
PECKISH is also proud to announce their expanded nationwide distribution. Health-conscious snackers and shoppers can now find PECKISH in select Whole Foods regions, Fresh Thyme, The Fresh Market, Natural Grocers, and pioneering Walmart’s fresh snacking incubator program nationally. In addition to national grocers, consumers can now commit to finding fresh options at key airport markets and popular gyms like Equinox and Barry’s Bootcamp. With a rising number of alternative distribution channels, PECKISH will be available in over 1,000 stores by the end of 2019.