Cheers! Each day finds more consumers turning to portable, convenient drinks to power up with protein. Moreover, these more informed consumers also realize there are many protein sources and they’re considering protein within dietary or lifestyle decisions. Likewise, many now are considering protein in conjunction with specific health benefits such as exercise recovery or skin health.

Collagen peptides have proven to be the perfect bioactive protein source for beverage supplementation thanks to their exceptional stability and solubility. Available in a variety of formats—including powdered or ready-to-drink; and sizes from shots to full meal replacements—there is a collagen-fortified beverage form and function to quench the thirst of every demographic.

What do consumers look for in a collagen peptide beverage? Actually, the concerns are not unlike those of product developers. Both groups require instant solubility, clean flavor, and clinically backed bioactivity.

“The beauty of collagen peptides lies in their functionality. At Nitta Gelatin, we have been at the forefront of clinical research for more than a decade,” notes Liz Clarke, technical marketing manager and an IFT Certified Food Scientist.

Clarke explains, “Our in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of action behind collagen peptide efficacy allows us to tailor products to offer specific health benefits—such as joint support, reduction in the visible signs of skin aging, and post-exercise recovery.  For proteins used in beverages, this wide variety of benefits is quite unique.”

She adds, “Many proteins, whey for example, are heavily associated with one class of benefits, and play mostly in a single demographic. Collagen peptides on the other hand, can be incorporated into protein-packed beverages or dietary supplements for consumers of all ages and health goals.  For example, a beauty-savvy Millennial may add a scoop of collagen peptides to her morning coffee to support youthful skin, while a Baby Boomer may grab a ready-to-drink collagen beverage to incorporate into his active aging strategy.”


Proven Provider

Long associated with bone, joint and skin health, collagen peptides have been a staple of the Japanese diet for decades. This heavy consumption—coupled with leading edge product innovation and clinical research—has established Japan as a global leader in the collage peptide industry. And in 2018, Nitta Gelatin Inc., Osaka, celebrated its centennial anniversary as a trusted supplier of gelatin and collagen peptides to the global marketplace. It’s the company behind Wellnex brand collagen peptides.

North American food and beverage formulators can turn to Nitta Gelatin NA Inc., which offers customers a state-of-the-art R&D center near Raleigh, N.C. The center houses a staff of full-time food scientists, an application lab, confection room and an on-site pilot plant. In addition, Nitta Gelatin NA also boasts a collagen peptide manufacturing facility located in Fayetteville, N.C.

“Historically, our Fayetteville facility has specialized in the production of collagen peptides for the Asian market, exporting much of its production. During the past few years, however, we have made an effort to really hone in on the needs of our domestic consumers, and expand our product portfolio,” says Clarke.

“Grass-fed, agglomerated, bovine hide collagen peptides were part of this expansion, and have proven to be an exceptionally popular product offering.  Our North American R&D team has done some amazing work on product optimization geared specifically towards the desires of the North American beverage consumer.”

As the demand for protein-rich beverages in convenient and delicious formats continues to rise, Nitta Gelatin NA, Inc. is poised to meet the needs of the North American marketplace with continuous innovation and R&D support.


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