Path of Life, a fast-growing all-natural, frozen, plant-based brand will sample its new line of rice blends at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. Combining gluten-free grains with flavor-packed vegetables, seeds, and spices, these flavorful rice blends will feature three custom flavors; Ancient Grains & Seed Blend, Cilantro Lime Rice Blend, and Saffron Rice Blend.

Aiming to provide consumers a quick and easy way to include rice into their meals, the new frozen rice line is useful as the base of a grain bowl or as an upgraded side dish. Each cup is under 200 calories and contains between 2-4g protein, 0g trans fat, and no added sugars. These rice blends are guaranteed to elevate the nutritional value of your meal, all without sacrificing taste. The entire Path of Life Rice Line is certified gluten free, non-GMO and made with plant-based ingredients. 
Ancient Grains & Seed Blend is a mix of brown rice, millet, red quinoa and buckwheat.
Cilantro Lime Rice Blend is an amped up version of the classic. We added red onion, fire-roasted corn and green onion to make this a colorful, flavorful blend.
Saffron Rice Blend combines white and brown rice, carrots and green onions. Saffron and turmeric not only add beautiful color to the blend, but also a savory flavor.