Prepared Foods showcases new dairy and dairy alternative products making a debut in 2020.


New Dips

Vermont Creamery, Websterville, Vt., used the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco to introduce Goat Cheese Dips.

“We have seen incredible growth in the goat cheese category over the past couple of years,” said Adeline Druart, Vermont Creamery president. “Goat cheese can be used in so many ways—from cheeseboards to crumbled on a salad and as centerpieces on a party spread. Fostering the growing excitement for new usage occasions and flavors is our passion, and we saw an opportunity to add a fresh new offering to the cheese dip category by blending fresh, creamy goat cheese with unique flavors.”

Available in Classic, Red Pepper & Lemon (sourced from specialty importer FOODMatch), and Garlic & Herb, this 5oz medley of flavored goat cheese is perfect for game day grazing, after school snacking, or easy entertaining, officials say. The dips address a trend of elevated entertaining, with sophisticated flavors and a base of creamy goat cheese. Moreover, they offer consumers the opportunity to take their hosting platters beyond hummus and classic dips, says Druart.

Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese also boasts clean ingredient labels and sustainable packaging, the company says.


Farmstyle Spreads

Tillamook Cream Cheese Spreads

Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA), Tillamook, Ore., introduced Farmstyle Cream Cheese Spreads, including what it claimed is “the world’s first-ever aged cheddar cream cheese spread” made with Tillamook’s sharp white cheddar.

“At Tillamook, we take pride in creating high-quality foods that consistently taste good,” said Abby Kempf, Tillamook category manager, Innovations. “We saw an opportunity to deliver a real-food take on a spreadable cream cheese that would actually taste more like cheese and be something consumers can feel good about eating.”

Tillamook Farmstyle Cream Cheese Spread flavors include Original (with just four ingredients), Aged Cheddar (with aged white cheddar cheese), Seriously Strawberry and Very Veggie (six vegetables including bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers and onions).

Officials note the cheese spreads are made without gums, fillers or preservatives for a “clean-eating experience.”

Tillamook Farmstyle Cream Cheese Spreads were initially available at grocery retailers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Texas and Washington.



Nestlé Drumstick Crushed It! Sundae Cones

USA, Arlington, Va., introduced Drumstick, Crushed It! Sundae Cones and Bars. Officials said the new line features “a unique melt-in-your-mouth cookie coating made with a new to market proprietary technology.”

Drumstick Crushed It! Sundae Cones and Bars are available in two flavors: Cookies ‘N’ Cream and Vanilla Fudge.

“The Drumstick brand is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation, from our unique coatings, flavors and textures to our product formats,” said Joanna Komvopoulos, Drumstick brand manager. “Knowing that Cookies ‘N’ Cream is a favorite flavor for so many Americans and a staple in sundae shops around the world, we developed Drumstick Crushed It! and doubled down on the experience by amplifying the melt-in-your-mouth cookie coating with our new Cookies ‘N’ Cream and Vanilla Fudge flavors.”

Nestlé says the inventive new Drumstick Crushed It! platform delivers on a multisensory eating experience where no two bites are ever the same. Interestingly, too, the new offerings mark Drumstick’s first step into the bars segment.

Officials note Drumstick Crushed It! Sundae Cones and Bars (like all Drumstick products), have no artificial flavors or colors (added colors from natural sources).


Dairy-Free Yogurts

Harmless Harvest Dairy-Free Coconut Yogurt Alternative Cups

Harmless Harvest, the San Francisco maker of organic coconut-based beverages, greeted 2020 with a new line of plant-based coconut yogurt alternative products. The portfolio includes four flavors of spoonable single-serving cups, three flavors of single-serving dairy-free drinkable yogurts and a multi-serve dairy-free drinkable yogurt.

Officials note that the “creamy texture of coconut meat is a perfect substitute for traditional dairy, and doesn’t use gums to thicken the texture, like many plant-based offerings.”

Dairy-Free Coconut Yogurt Alternative Cups come in four flavors: Plain, Strawberry, Vanilla and Blueberry. Suggested retail price (SRP) is $2.29 per 4.4oz cup. Officials say the yogurts are naturally cultured with seven live active yogurt strains. They also deliver medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconuts and contain no gums or artificial additives.

Harmless Harvest Dairy-Free Yogurt Drinks come in three 8oz flavors: Strawberry, Mango and Original unsweetened and the 24oz is available in the original unsweetened flavor. The 8oz drinks have a SRP at $2.99 and the 24oz at $6.99.


Creamers with More

STōK Fueled Creamers

Danone North America, Broomfield, Colo., introduced STōK Fueled Creamers and Ready-to-Drink Coffee. Geared toward those who are looking to jump-start their day, the STōK Fueled line includes extra calories from protein, butter and MCT oil to help fuel you.

While coffee helps get consumers started, STōK Fueled Creamers take it to the next level. Available in 16-oz. bottles in three flavors, Original, Vanilla and Unsweet, STōK Fueled Creamers have 5g of protein, 5g MCT oil and real dairy butter per serving. Similar to STōK Fueled Cold Brew Unsweet Coffee, STōK Fueled Creamers are keto-friendly and a great option for those observing a keto diet.

“At STōK, we are always looking to keep up with the latest food trends and be at the forefront of innovation based on our consumers’ needs,” said Lindsey Morgan, director of marketing for STōK Cold Brew Coffee. “As functional coffee continues to make headlines, and with the lack of options that deliver on both great taste and convenience, we saw this as an opportunity to provide our coffee lovers with a viable solution that is sure to start their day on the right note.”

STōK Fueled Cold Brew Coffee and Creamers are available at grocery and mass market retailers nationwide at a suggested retail price of $5.49 and $3.99, respectively.