Royal DSM introduced its Delvo®Plant range of enzymes for optimizing the taste, texture and sweetness of plant-based drinks. 

Part of DSM’s expanding portfolio of solutions for dairy alternatives, these enzymes offer a unique variety of benefits—from increasing the solubility of protein and reducing viscosity to improving mouthfeel and unlocking the natural sweetness of raw materials such as rice, soy and oats. By helping to deliver an appealing dairy alternative experience, the Delvo®Plant enzymes allow brands to develop winning cereal- and non-cereal-based drinks that will ensure today’s discerning consumers keep coming back for more.

The introduction of the Delvo®Plant range completes DSM’s wider portfolio of integrated solutions that help manufacturers develop and market premium dairy alternatives. Alongside the new Delvo®Plant enzymes, it features GELLANEERTM hydrocolloids, ModuMax® taste modulation solutions, Quali® vitamins, and DSM premix solutions for plant-based drinks and yogurts. This is complemented by DSM’s expert services, including local formulation, application, technical and sales support. 

While the traditional dairy segment remains strong, the launch of the Delvo®Plant range of enzymes comes as demand for plant-based dairy alternative solutions continues to grow worldwide, driven by a rising number of people adopting flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets.  

Plant-based beverages are particularly popular in the dairy-free space, with rice and oat-based drinks expected to outpace the rest of the market over the next few years. To differentiate their offering in this evolving commercial landscape, brands must create dairy alternatives that not only support these lifestyles, but are also tasty and meet the needs of today’s increasingly discerning consumers. 

Developing wholesome products with great taste and texture as well as high nutritional value can, however, be challenging, and accounting for regional variations in preferences for the sweetness of plant-based drinks can make the product development process even more complex. 

The Delvo®Plant enzyme portfolio can help brands overcome these challenges by making the elements naturally present in raw materials such as rice and oats more soluble and easier to process, enhancing the mouthfeel and sweetness of plant-based drinks. Depending on the application, the enzymes can unlock glucose and/or maltose to help manufacturers create healthier dairy alternative beverages without added sugar; and to offer sweetness that can be tailored to align with local market preferences. 

The new Delvo®Plant enzyme range also improves the availability of minerals and in oat-based drinks, these solutions can reduce the gluten content to create strong appeal for an even broader range of consumers. 

“The market for plant-based dairy alternatives continues to go from strength to strength, but delivering a consumer-friendly sensory profile without compromising on health appeal has long been a complex challenge,” says Ben Rutten, Global Business Manager for Milk at DSM. “This is why we’ve made it our mission to bring high-quality, future-proof solutions for plant-based drink varieties to the market. With DSM’s Delvo®Plant enzymes and wider portfolio of solutions for dairy alternatives, our customers can create winning plant-based beverages with the taste, texture and sweetness that consumers desire, as well as an enriched nutritional profile, allowing them to truly stand out in the booming dairy-free space.”

DSM aims to support the agri-food sector by delivering high-quality, sustainable and nutritionally valuable protein products, from animal and plant-based sources, that are accessible, affordable and appealing. 

Learn more about DSM’s extensive dairy alternative offering, including the new Delvo®Plant enzymes, can help create market-leading plant-based drinks that meet today’s consumer needs.

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