GSP Nutrition Inc. and Sports Illustrated's wellness supplement product line now includes Ahiflower® oil, the innovative and plant-based omega-3, in vegan soft gels. The professional-grade supplements are for active individuals who are seeking a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the vegan omega-3 Ahiflower oil, the product line features performance products, pre- and post-workout support, a whey protein isolate, collagen + enzymes, and other formulas that focus on other areas of wellness such as brain and joint health.
Ahiflower oil is used to support optimal cellular function, including post-exercise recovery and healthy immune function. Ahiflower oil is traceable to farms in the UK that grow Ahiflower oilseed crops. Consumers aligning with the Sports Illustrated Nutrition brand can trust that their omegas are full-spectrum, truly regenerative, and not coming from wild fish sources.
Natures Crops continues a solid commitment to rigorous human clinical science, validating that plant-based essential omega nutrition is a key anchor to looking well, moving well, and feeling well. Brand partners such as Sports Illustrated Nutrition will translate the science into innovative products helping people feel their best.
The new Sports Illustrated Nutrition line, including plant-based Vegan Omega-3 soft gels, is now available at and and will launch at select retailers in the coming months.