GoodSam Foods, a brand on a mission and an ally for small farms, launches a chocolate line, available exclusively at Thrive Market online. Featuring chocolate bars, chocolate chips and chocolate coated nuts, consumers are now able to indulge in a sweet treat that features taste, health and sustainability.
Founded in 2019 by social mission entrepreneur, Sam Stroot, and natural products industry veteran, Heather K. Terry, GoodSam brings the high-quality cocoa products found in Colombia to the US market. Direct trade practices have allowed GoodSam to maintain strong relationships with the supply chain, manufacturers and indigenous communities. Through regenerative farming practices, GoodSam works with farmers to maintain the quality of soil to ensure farms thrive for generations to come. By being mindful of all aspects of the product creation, GoodSam has developed a line that not only tastes great but is better for the consumer and the planet.
Using organic and non-GMO ingredients, GoodSam products are made with no added sugar and are vegan and keto-friendly. Instead of cane sugar, GoodSam incorporates allulose, a natural low calorie sweetener derived from sources like dates and figs but with the same taste and texture as table sugar. Its unique nutritional profile only contributes a fraction of the calories of regular sugar (1/10th of the calories) and does not raise blood sugar levels.
The first introduction of the line will feature the brand's core offering, a chocolate bar in three flavors - Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Nibs and Dark Chocolate & Mint. Later this month and just in time for the holidays, the brand will expand with dark chocolate baking chips and a selection of candy coated items including Dark Chocolate Candy Coated Almonds, Dark Chocolate Candy Coated Cashews, Dark Chocolate Candy Coated Gems and Dark Chocolate Candy Coated Peanuts.