Kashi, a pioneer in natural foods, launched Kashi GO Keto-Friendly Cereal — the brand's first keto-friendly offering. Made with 12g of plant-based protein and one gram of sugar, consumers can enjoy the delicious grain-free cereals without guilt. At $4.99 per box, the new keto-friendly cereal is available at an approachable price point. Available in Cinnamon Vanilla and Dark Cocoa, Kashi GO's Keto-Friendly Cereal will be available nationwide at Target, Kroger, Shoprite, Sprouts Farmers Markets, and Amazon.

Sweetened with allulose and monk fruit, this cereal targets consumers following a keto diet or for those simply looking to reduce sugar and carbohydrate intake. Packed with ingredients such as pea protein, lentil and chickpea flour, these keto-friendly cereals pack a crunchy and flavorful punch. Dark Cocoa is reminiscent of an indulgent mug of hot chocolate, while Cinnamon Vanilla contains all the flavor of a freshly baked cinnamon roll. The cereal provides a good source of protein and fiber content will leave people feeling energized and satiated.

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A typical Keto diet consists of high-fat, moderate protein, and low carb foods. Moreover, a 2019 study from Hartman Health & Wellness has found that 60% of respondents are looking to increase their protein intake while 84% are looking to reduce their sugar intake. Kashi is delivering a delicious keto-friendly product that helps people meet these dietary goals at about half the cost of competitor keto cereals.