Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, a global supplier of science-backed solutions for microbiome health, is pleased to announce that its probiotic Bacillus subtilis DE111® has attained a list of published health claims in relationship to its inclusion as a food ingredient under the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Code.

Companies seeking to make a general level health claim for a food ingredient in Australia and New Zealand must perform a comprehensive and systematic review of evidence of a causal food-health relationship. Deerland was able to conduct this assessment of the probiotic DE111 based on the wealth of peer-reviewed clinical publications on the strain. As a result, DE111 is now the first Bacillus subtilis probiotic to have food-health supported claims associated with its use in Australia and New Zealand food products.

The claims include “promotes growth of healthy gastrointestinal flora,” “supports growth of beneficial gut bacteria,” “supports and improves digestive health in children and adults,” and “reduces total blood cholesterol or blood LDL cholesterol.”

“DE111 provides unique, specific claims and connects consumers’ growing interest in self-care with products that can deliver on their needs,” says Simon Lord, Deerland’s director of sales for Australia and New Zealand.

Steen Andersen, president of Deerland International, adds, “This opens up many opportunities for brands to meet the growing demand for probiotic products in Australia and New Zealand by enhancing their food and beverages with functionality, communicated through science-backed claims.” 

In addition to the published notification of claims, DE111 has received a letter of no-objection on its GRAS status from USFDA, non-Novel Food status in both Canada and Australia, as well as approval as a natural health ingredient by Health Canada. Further, DE111 is Star-K Kosher certified and Non-GMO Project verified.

About DE111® and Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes

DE111® is a clinically studied strain of Bacillus subtilis that delivers health benefits in supplements, foods, and beverages. More than 30 studies have been performed to confirm the safety and efficacy of the strain. Bacillus subtilis forms spores that protect the microbes from harsh conditions until they enter an environment ideal for germination, such as the gut. It also survives passage through the acidic environment of the GI tract. Because DE111 remains viable under a wide temperature and pH range, the probiotic is ideal for use in supplements, foods and beverages.

Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, based in Kennesaw, Georgia, specializes in developing science-backed solutions that benefit microbiome health, using probiotic, prebiotic and enzyme technology, offering a line of unique, clinically validated branded products. Deerland collaborates with customers to develop innovative and often proprietary solutions in the dietary supplement, food and beverage, sports nutrition, and companion animal markets. The company’s manufacturing services include bulk blends, capsules, stick packs and tablets, as well as bottling and labeling. 

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