Respect des Fonds (RDF) is a health and wellness company specializing in personalized adaptogenic powder blends.

RDF was founded by four friends and former University of Pennsylvania track and field teammates with the goal of making wellness common through inclusivity, education and access to quality products. They were each introduced to adaptogens (plants and herbs that help the body deal with stressors) and impressed by the extensive clinical backing, but unimpressed by the lack of awareness and quality options available. 

The company offers four powder blends: ‘Calm’, ‘Focus’, ‘Sleep’ and ‘Skin’, as well as four standalone jars of Ashwagandha Extract, Holy Basil [Tulsi] Extract, Lion’s Mane Extract and Mucuna Extract, that can be added to coffees, teas or more. 

For consumers that need help navigating the products or who are new to adaptogens, RDF provides a “personalization quiz.” It is a ~5 minute assessment of health concerns, health goal, and lifestyle information that ultimately pairs you with a blend.