Two decades ago before cold brew was even “cool,” Javo Beverage set the standard for cold brew quality, using its proprietary extraction process coupled with a passion for great tasting coffee. Today finds this Vista, Calif., company also playing in other cool categories—such as tea and functional botanical extracts.

But it all started with a cutting-edge start in coffee.

“We were ahead of the market, perfecting our process, and producing extracts and concentrates with unrivaled fresh taste profiles,” says Brad Petersmeyer, Chief Innovation Officer. “With our coffee extracts, we achieve a well-rounded authentic smooth flavor, using only roasted ground coffee and filtered water, so they’re all clean label too. We don’t tinker with the flavor by adding or removing anything. Our proprietary extraction process is what gives our cold brew its remarkably pure flavors.” 

Extraction is done in small batches at low temperatures without any thermal processing to ensure flavor consistency. Javo’s premium extracts and concentrates are then stored and delivered under refrigeration. The cold supply chain maintains the products’ exceptional flavor quality. 

Although Javo started with cold brew coffee extraction, the company soon added tea and botanical extracts and concentrates to its offerings. The cold brew tea and botanical varieties are extracted using the same method, which delivers equally pure flavor profiles. 

Recently, Javo has seen interest in its botanical extracts increase alongside consumer interest in functional food and beverages and all-natural ingredients. 

“Younger consumers – millennials and Gen Z – are really driving this demand for cleaner labels and products with healthier ingredients,” says Petersmeyer. “This has broadened the company’s lineup of botanicals. Potentially any water-soluble plant material can be extracted through the proprietary cold brew process. For example, hibiscus extract is used as both a natural flavor and color and guayusa as a natural source of caffeine.” 


By 2023, the value of the global cold brew coffee market is projected to reach nearly $1.4 billion, according to Statista. Cold brew is the choice of one in five coffee drinkers, and the National Coffee Association also says it’s the fastest-growing segment. 

To satisfy demand for differentiated tastes in the specialty coffee segment, Javo customizes cold brew coffee extract based on customer specifications.

“We offer varying roast profiles and single-origin coffees, along with desired certifications, including organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade,” says Petersmeyer. “Cold brews are known for their smooth, authentic coffee flavors. The category is experimenting with decaf and cold brew lattes, using both dairy and plant-based milk. Despite what it may seem, among young people there’s a trend away from overly sweet coffee concoctions to more sophisticated, coffee-forward beverages.” 

Javo is focused on the future, looking ahead to the next 20 years of innovations. In preparation, the company expanded its production capacity with a 240,000-square-foot facility in Indianapolis in 2018. 

“The Indianapolis site enables us to support our growing customer base nationwide,” notes Petersmeyer. “Our heritage is in cold brew coffee, but we see our extracts being used across the country in all manner of beverages and foodstuffs from frozen desserts and baked goods to alcoholic beverages and smoothies. The future is in all-natural, clean label products with added functional wellness benefits, and we’re positioned to support it with our extracts.” 

Javo Beverage Co. 

Founded in 2001, Javo is an extraction company that uses a proprietary process to produce fresh, clean-labeled coffee, tea and botanical extracts for the food and beverage industry. Our Master Extractors use clean ingredients to craft products for global and emerging brands. In addition to Javo-branded products, we offer private label and custom product development solutions. Our production facilities located in Vista, Calif., and Indianapolis, Ind., are Safe Quality Foods (SQF), QAI Organic and kosher certified.