Echo Antioxidant Water claims to protect consumers from disease. Hydrogen gas, an antioxidant, reduces Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS), which causes oxidative stress and inflammation—the leading cause of most diseases, according to the company. Echo Antioxidant Water™ is a solution for those who are looking to improve overall health by making the water they drink more healthy.

Synergy Science™ is a leader in hydrogen-rich water, and has received IHSA (International Hydrogen Standards Association) certifications on its water products. The industry term “hydrogen water” fails to represent the amazing benefits and selective capabilities of hydrogen as an antioxidant. Starting in July 2021, the company now refers to “hydrogen water” as Echo Antioxidant Water™.

The phrase Echo Antioxidant Water™ aims to highlight a main benefit of drinking hydrogen-enriched water: its ability to fight off harmful radicals that cause damage to the cells in the body.

Echo Antioxidant Water™ is simply water infused with hydrogen gas. Hydrogen serves as a powerful selective antioxidant. While other sources of antioxidants, like blueberries, may promote healthy oxidation on a low level, hydrogen selectively neutralizes cytotoxic free radicals, helping eliminate oxidative stress and inflammation.

Molecular Hydrogen is backed by over 1,000 scientific studies, located at These studies showcase 40+ health benefits (in over 170 disease models) that consumers can experience with Echo Antioxidant Water™.

 The top five benefits of hydrogen gas are:

• Boosts cognitive function
• Improves gut function
• Enhances immune function
• Increases energy
• Improves endurance