Sales of natural and organic products, including food and beverage, supplements, household, and personal care categories, are on track to surpass $300 billion by 2023 and $400 billion by 2030.
— Nutrition Business Journal

Distributor Ace Natural Enters into Partnership with Producers Market to Scale Product Traceability Tools

Partnership brings traceability, transparency, and storytelling to organic products distribution sector to meet consumer demand

Ace Natural, an organic distributor in New York, entered into a corporate partnership with Producers Market, a global digital marketplace, to scale access by food service providers and retailers' to traceable and transparent organic products from source to consumer using digital technology applications.

Consumer demand for transparency continues to mount. Consumers want to know who grew their products, where it is from, and what its impacts are. Bringing transparency to the premium products marketplace is a natural progression for the industry. Ace Natural is driving this trend into the distribution sector of the supply chain via its partnership with Producers Market.

"We are enthusiastic about the partnership with Producers Market. Bringing together direct sourcing with traceability is an incredible proposition that many in the industry have been waiting for," said Tor Newman, CEO of Ace. "The StoryBird application is a game changer. To put the power in the consumers' hands to learn about the source of their goods is something that we are excited to pioneer."

Ace Natural and Producers Market have come together to transition the distributors' existing and new value chains onto the Producers Market platform to enable end-to-end traceability and storytelling of its goods with the StoryBird application, which allows consumers to see where ingredients come from and enjoy transparent supply chain stories through an e-commerce integration, or by scanning a QR code on packaging, store displays, or menus. Customers of Ace Natural will gain visibility to the source of production and be able to share that story with their customers.

"Formalizing this partnership with Ace Natural is a monumental step in our journey. We rely on distributors to get the products to the store shelves and into the food service industry," said Keith Agoada, CEO of Producers Market. "To partner with a leading distributor who shares our values in sustainability, producer wellbeing, and transparency for the consumer is a sign that the moment has come for our platform. We are ready to pilot programs and technologies with Ace Natural."

The product focus on the partnership will include bulk organic ingredient items such as quinoa, coconut, sugar cane, flour, oils, and frozen fruits and vegetables. In addition, the fresh produce items of Ace Natural will quickly become a target for integration to the StoryBird application.

"Finally real traceability is available to food companies, which will drive cleaner and healthier food for all. Storybird is providing radical transparency to our food systems and at Ace Natural, we are very excited to make this meaningful tool available to our customers," said Alberto Gonzalez, Ace Natural's COO.

The Organic Snack Company Purchases 82 Acres of Pennsylvania Land

The anticipated investment in the project is expected to exceed $75 million and create 500 or more jobs in the community

The Organic Snack Company (TOSC), a premium food-manufacturing company and exclusive producer of Kate's Real Food, announced that its owner, Bruce Thaler, through the development entity BT Snacks II, purchased 82 acres of land in Bedford, Pa., with the Business Park II in anticipation for future expansion this summer.

The purchase of the land will allow the company to expand TOSC's operations as well as begin the construction of additional manufacturing and warehousing space, with a total build out of up to 750,000 square feet. The anticipated investment in the project is expected to exceed $75 million and create 500 or more jobs in the community.

Nature's Path Foods Rhino Rolls Cereal

New cereal is made with organic gluten-free whole oat and rice flour

Nature's Path added another organic cereal to its EnviroKidz breakfast family. Rhino Rolls™ is a crispy, tiny cinnamon bun-like cereal that stays crunchy in milk.

Made with organic gluten-free whole oat and rice flour, Rhino Rolls™ is gently sweetened with organic cane sugar and sprinkled with real cinnamon and vanilla, creating a special cinnamon bun flavor. Rhino Rolls™ is made without any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and contains 18g of whole grains per serving.

Monterey Mushrooms: Mushroom Powders

Monterey Mushrooms offers organic full spectrum and Mycelium Plus mushroom powders as ingredients for food and supplement manufacturers

Monterey Mushrooms will soon launch organic full spectrum and Mycelium Plus mushroom powders for use as ingredients by food and supplement manufacturers. This nutraceutical product line is an extension of Monterey Mushrooms’ all-natural Just Mushrooms® Vitamin D2 powder line, which it’s produced for more than 10 years.

The Monterey team’s extensive scientific knowledge and technical production expertise—evident in developing and producing patented mushroom strains—were fully utilized in developing this new product line.

The first three powders they are releasing are Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga. These powders are produced by dehydrating mycelia and fruit bodies that have been fermented on organic white sorghum grain.

HEMP LOVE Coconut Milk Chocolate Bars

New chocolate bars are organic, dairy free, vegan and paleo friendly

HEMP LOVE® introduced three new flavors of chocolate bars in Roasted Almond, Coconut and Espresso varieties.

The new bars are made with organic coconut milk and protein rich hemp hearts. Like the original six flavors, they're organic, dairy free, vegan and paleo friendly. These chocolate bars are creamy, crunchy and naturally sweet.

Mary's Gone Kookies Graham-style Snacks

The new crackers are available in three varieties: Honey, Chocolate and Cinnamon

Mary's Gone Crackers, maker of organic, gluten free, non-GMO crackers, announced a line of sweet treats: Mary's Gone Kookies Graham-style Snacks. The new crackers are available in three varieties: Honey, Chocolate and Cinnamon.

With the organization's commitment to organic, gluten free and non-GMO snacks, consumers can trust these Kookies can be a healthy addition to daily snack routines, and can serve as a health-conscious sweet treat replacement.


Mary's Gone Crackers' new line of Kookies will hit shelves nationwide in Q1 of 2022.

All of Mary's Gone Crackers' offerings are made in their state-of-the-art facility, USDA Organic, non-GMO Project Verified. These low-sugar and low-calorie Kookies join the current portfolio of Original, Super Seed and Real Thin Crackers. Treat both your savory and sweet tooth.

ALOHA's Organic Plant-Based Protein Bars

Recent expansion is part of the young employee-owned brand's rapid growth as it continues to double in size year-over-year

ALOHA, makers of organic plant-based protein bars, powders and drinks, launched four of its fan-favorite protein bar flavors at Whole Foods Market nationwide. The retail expansion is part of the young employee-owned brand's rapid growth as it continues to double in size year-over-year.

ALOHA is an employee-owned and -operated company committed to helping people choose a happier path to a healthier life.

Thoughtfully sourced and crafted with only the highest quality clean ingredients, ALOHA's plant-based protein bars feature a proprietary brown rice and pumpkin seed protein blend and deliver 14g protein and 5g sugar per serving. Like all of ALOHA's products, the bars are Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Vegan and made without gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar alcohols.

ALOHA bars now available at Whole Foods Market include:

Peanut Butter Cup
Cookie Dough
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
Coconut Chocolate Almond
ALOHA is a B Corp Certified NDS USDA Organic.

Damn Right Cocktails Organic 100% de Agave Tequila RTDs

The canned cocktail contains 5% ABV and 110-130 calories per serving

Damn Right Cocktails launched a USDA certified organic, 100% de agave Tequila sparkling cocktail in Texas and California. The line has two SKUs: a lime margarita called Devil of a Lime and a Strawberry Basil cocktail called Son of a Basil. The brand is distributed by Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC).


Damn Right is the only low alcohol, USDA certified organic Tequila cocktail on the market right now. At 5% ABV and 110-130 calories per serving, the brand is poised to capitalize not only on the RTD cocktail drinker who wants a more premium and better tasting alternative. In fact, the brand has already been awarded two medallions:  one with a score of 93 points for Devil of a Lime (lime margarita) from Blue Lifestyle, run by a James Beard Award Winner Anthony Dias Blue, one for and 95 for Son of a Basil (strawberry basil margarita) from the Beverage Tasting Institute.

Tiny Organics Finger Foods Line for Baby-Led Weaning

Tiny Beginnings includes six different meal offerings that incorporate textures and cut sizes to meet the needs of babies aged 4-8 months

Tiny Organics, the early childhood nutrition and developmental company, announced the launch of a non-puree product in the baby food category created for baby-led weaning (BLW): Tiny Beginnings. Research shows there is a narrow window from 4–7 months when babies are open to tasting more flavors and textures than they will be throughout all of childhood, so parents have a unique opportunity to expand their baby's palate and nurture their love for healthy ingredients and bold flavors during this time. Tiny Beginnings includes six different meal offerings that incorporate various textures and easy-to-grasp cut sizes to meet the needs of younger children aged 4-8 months.

Backed by Brooklyn Decker — actress, entrepreneur and mother of two — Tiny Beginnings was created to provide busy parents like her the convenience of having pre-made meal options that remove the nuances of deciding what and how to feed their babies. From the desire to raise independent and adventurous eaters, to the pressures of trying to meet all nutritional requirements, Tiny Beginnings helps parents save time while taking the stress out of meal preparation. With BLW, the focus is on maintaining eating as a positive, interactive experience by allowing children to feed themselves at their own pace and take part in a shared family meal.

While each of the Tiny Beginnings' meal offerings provides adequate nutrients and flavors to appeal to even the pickiest eaters, they also have developmental benefits, such as bringing back the joy of eating with dexterity. Each meal combines a balanced mix of all three macronutrients – healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates — with a combination of 50 different ingredients to enhance the taste and feel of vegetables, increasing the likelihood of lifelong acceptance. One serving meets the recommendations for an infant's daily vegetable intake.

Tiny Organics has fed tens of thousands of families across the country since its launch in 2020. The Tiny Beginnings launch follows in the company's mission to deliver 100% organic, plant-based fresh-frozen meals built on vegetables and essential fruits that are free from all top nine allergens with the convenience of no preparation needed. Parents can select a meal plan carefully crafted to suit their child's developmental milestones.

All Tiny Beginnings meals will be on sale starting today, priced from $5.99 a cup or lower based on combination pack offerings.

Majestic Organic Butter

The company sources high-quality cream only from US dairy farmers

Driven by the belief that the best butter starts with responsible sourcing, Majestic Brand Butter sources high-quality cream only from US dairy farmers who put cow care, milk quality, and sustainability first.

Made the "old-fashioned way", combining exceptional ingredients and traditional methods with state-of-the-art machinery, Majestic Brand Dairy produces organic butter with an approach that results in rich and creamy butter for cooking, baking, or simply spreading.


Available in Salted and Unsalted varieties, Majestic Brand Organic Butter offers four 4oz pre-wrapped sticks of butter per package with a suggested retail price of $7.99. Shoppers in the following states should look for Majestic Organic Butter at their local Whole Foods Markets: Georgia, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Washington, and Texas.