Remilk Secures Self-Affirmed GRAS for Non-Animal, Real Dairy Protein
The product can now be used by manufacturers to make non-animal varieties of popular consumer items such as ice cream, yogurt, and cream cheese

Remilk, a company operating in the development and production of animal-free dairy, obtained self-affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status, in accordance with US Food and Drug Administration requirements, paving the way for non-animal, real-dairy products in the US. 

Remilk protein is identical to cow-based milk protein but produced without a single animal cell. GRAS status indicates that Remilk protein is considered safe for consumption in food and beverages, which means it can be used by manufacturers to make non-animal varieties of popular consumer products such as ice cream, yogurt, and cream cheese. Unlike plant-based dairy alternatives, Remilk proteins are bio-equivalent to their traditional counterparts and dairy produced using them is indistinguishable in taste and function from traditional dairy.  With this regulatory clearance, the company can begin selling to US CPGs, with sales anticipated to begin in the coming quarters.

Euromonitor International predicts that as lab-grown dairy becomes more affordable it may become the most popular choice in 10 years. According to a recent study conducted by YouGov on behalf of Remilk, 37% of Americans say they avoid products made with cow's milk, with nearly 50% citing health and wellness as primary drivers, followed by environmental (33%) and animal welfare concerns. Dairy produced through precision fermentation requires a fraction of the Earth's resources and emits a fraction of the harmful greenhouse gas emissions of animal dairy.

Ripple Foods Oatmilk Plus Protein
The new vegan, plant based milk contains gluten-free oats and pea protein

Ripple Foods uses gluten-free oats and pea protein in the new Oatmilk + Protein, ensuring it is gluten-free and 100% vegan.

All of Ripple Foods products are certified non–GMO by the Non–GMO Project. Ripple Foods Oatmilk + Protein retails for $5.99 per bottle.

The SimplyProtein Brand Continues North American Expansion
Growth capital set to accelerate distribution, along with investments in marketing and innovation

The SimplyProtein® brand has its sights on 2022 being its most transformative yet as it continues to expand in the North American market. In November 2021, Wellness Natural Inc., the parent company of the SimplyProtein brand, raised $8.5M in a Series B funding round. This round is focused exclusively on growth capital to accelerate distribution gains in the US and Canada, scale eCommerce, increase investments in marketing programs and bring new product innovations to market. 

Distribution with key retailers continues to expand in the US, with SimplyProtein products now available at 400+ Meijer stores,  and the Northeast, San Diego, and Los Angeles Costco regions. Having seen a +268% compounded growth rate in the last two years, eCommerce remains a critical growth channel for the SimplyProtein brand as it continues to invest in digital shopping through partnerships with online retailers such as Amazon and through its own direct-to-consumer platform.

The SimplyProtein team believes protein isn't just for athletes – it's for everyone and any body. This core value informs the brand's current product portfolio and new product innovations, including the all new plant-based Keto Energy Bites, an easy snacking option with a sweet and decadent flavor. The Keto Energy Bites are Keto Certified by Paleo Foundation, contain 2g of sugar, 13g of plant-based fats and 10g of plant-based protein, are  gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified. They are available in two flavors: Chocolate Coconut and Peanut Butter Chocolate.

Eat Me Guilt Free Chocolate, Vanilla Cake Mixes
Each flavor offers 11g of protein and 6g net carbs per serving

Eat Me Guilt Free introduced Chocolate Cake Mix and Vanilla Cake Mix to its line of health-focused brownies, tortilla wraps, protein bread and baguettes. Eat Me Guilt Free is dedicated to product innovation and the enhancement of its existing products and is equally committed to creating new and improved formulas. While improving the quality of ingredients in its products, the brand remains focused on maintaining an unprecedented protein-packed and low-carb ratio.


The protein-packed, better-for-you chocolate and vanilla cake mixes are suitable for baking birthday cakes, cupcakes, Bundt cakes and more for any occasion that is celebrated with a conventional boxed cake mix at home. Eat Me Guilt Free's protein cake mixes are as easy to make as any conventional boxed cake mix and only require adding two ingredients – oil and eggs. The cake slices boast 6g of sugar vs. 22g of sugar in a traditional slice of cake. 

Each flavor is $9.99 per box and contains 11g of protein and 6g net carbs per serving.

The products are available for purchase at more than 7,600 independent retailers nationwide, Winn Dixie, United Supermarkets, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Albertsons, Safeway, Planet Fitness, Gold's Gym and Anytime Fitness, as well as, and

Next-Gen Protein: The Consumer Connection

Consumers can’t get enough protein, but not all protein is viewed the same and expectations are changing. Across the board, consumers are calling for better protein: better tasting, more nutritious, more sustainable, and more ethical. The world is moving quickly to new forms of protein, but the consumer is not there yet. Protein innovation is currently out of sync with consumer acceptance, but some companies are working to close the gap between the emerging proteins and the consumer.

2022 HealthFocus International Report