Shay Mitchell, actress, producer and entrepreneur, announced her collaboration with HydraLyte, a rapid hydration solution born in Australia, to launch her new flavor, Lemon Squeeze.

Since the announcement of their partnership in May of 2022, Mitchell has led the co-development process to create a rejuvenating hydration option for the entire family. Throughout the process, Mitchell assumed an elevated role as an investor and part owner in the company, personally testing 12 variations of the product to find flavor balance. Beyond flavor, Mitchell remained closely involved in the journey, spearheading execution details such as packaging, marketing strategy, and creative.

This citrusy electrolyte mix is sized to serve in 16oz of water and is proven to be effective in preventing and relieving mild to moderate dehydration. Trusted by the medical community, professional athletes and families around the world, HydraLyte's products are acclaimed for their all-natural formula scientifically developed with:

- Almost half the sugar of leading electrolyte drink brands
- Vegan, non-GMO ingredients
- No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, gluten, dairy, or caffeine
- A ratio of glucose and electrolytes that activates rapid rehydration faster than water alone

HydraLyte x Shay Mitchell Lemon Squeeze flavor is available for $24.99 on the HydraLyte website and Amazon with more retailers to come in the 2023.