SOMI released an enhanced version of its beverages to prove that consumers don’t have to compromise their health for a flavorful boost of energy. Although some may ask how an energy drink startup from Austin, Texas will compete with huge brands like Red Bull and Monster, SOMI sees itself as a part of a new and healthier generation of energy drinks.

SOMI's enhanced formula provides health-conscious consumers with the energizing benefits of a caffeinated beverage. The SOMI flavors include Yuzu Lemonade Matcha, Fancy Mango™ Matcha, and Osaka Redberries™ Matcha.   

Since Austin is a hub for the consumer packaged goods industry, and a health-conscious lifestyle, SOMI plans to continue planting its roots locally. The natural, matcha based energy drink beverages can currently be found on over 50 retail shelves across Austin, including Royal Blue Grocery, Thom’s Market and Wheatsville, online at