Bell Flavors & Fragrances has expanded its line of dairy flavors with flavors ranging from cheese to butter, milk and sour cream flavors.

With the growth of artisanal cheeses and consumers interest in global market products, the variety of cheeses available has erupted. Profiles of these flavors include international varieties using different cheese making processes and sources of milk in addition to combinations using fresh herbs, honey as well as alcohol. A sample of cheese flavors available include aged cheddar, feta, manchego, mozzarella, oaxacan, ricotta and toasted parmesan.

Along with cheese flavors, Bell Flavors & Fragrances has remastered its dairy flavors –ranging from rich crema to freshly whipped butter to evaporated milk.

Bell Flavors and Fragrances continues to expand its line of cheese and dairy flavors as they are tested and developed for additional applications.

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