Muniq is an innovative consumer health and food-tech brand designed to help people transform health through the gut. With a "food as medicine" ethos, Muniq's first line of products are balanced nutritional shakes powered by resistant starch, a unique class of prebiotic fiber, to strengthen gut health. With 'underlying conditions' and immunity at the forefront of today's conversations, Muniq is the solution to help people take back control of their health through the science of the gut microbiome, by stabilizing blood sugar levels and strengthening the immune system.
Muniq launches at a critical time as personal health has never been more important, and scientific research has proven that the gut is the control center for your health. Unlike other functional foods and supplements on the market, Muniq's patent-pending shakes are formulated with a high concentration of resistant starch, proven effective in over 200 clinical studies to help naturally balance your blood sugar along with other incredible health benefits. Resistant starch is a special class of prebiotic fiber found in certain plants that resists digestion and effectively feeds your gut. With most Americans only getting a mere fraction of the recommended intake of resistant starch and fiber in general, one serving of Muniq includes 15g of prebiotic resistant starch fibers, fulfilling 50% of daily fiber needs. Muniq's team of accomplished scientists and innovators conducted extensive research over the past year to formulate its debut product line.
Muniq's initial line of shakes is debuting in four flavors: Vegan Chocolate, Vanilla Crème, Mocha Latte, and Chocolate. Each shake is formulated to be a complete meal with a balanced profile of protein, fiber, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals to help satisfy hunger for up to four hours. They are rich, creamy and indulgent, and are free of sugar and artificial ingredients. Muniq shakes are available for as low as $3.50 per full meal, including over 30% savings on subscription, with free delivery.