Ascent announced a new line of organic plant-based protein powders, created to support muscle health and athletic performance. Ascent's Plant Protein helps to expand their line of products that support "clean-eating, hard-working athletes dedicated to their nutritional goals."

Ascent's Plant Protein is available for purchase at Whole Foods nationwide, as well as on and All locations will carry both plant flavors in Chocolate and Vanilla Bean.

Ascent's Plant Protein is suitable for vegans and made from a unique blend of three plant protein sources – pea, sunflower & pumpkin. Knowing that consumers often have to compromise between efficacy or taste with plant-based proteins, Ascent worked hard to create a blend that supports muscle health that also tastes amazing. 

Ascent Plant Protein is formulated to provide 4g of BCAAs, including 2g of leucine – the key amino acid to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Additionally, Ascent conducted third-party consumer research and confirmed that their plant-based protein is significantly preferred in taste against the market leader.

In addition to offering 25g of organic plant-based protein with zero artificial ingredients, Ascent Plant Protein is Certified Organic, Certified Gluten Free, & Informed Sport Certified (third party tested for banned substances). Ascent Plant Protein is also vegan, soy free, dairy-free & contains no added sugars.