Prepared Foods profiles new functional foods, drinks and supplements.


Flavor Bomb

G Fuel LLC, West Babylon, N.Y., extended its namesake G FUEL energy drink line with Flavor Bomb, a new variety promoting Twentieth Century Studios' upcoming film, “Free Guy.”

Officials say G FUEL Flavor Bomb is a blend of cotton candy, watermelon, and vanilla flavors. A single 16oz G FUEL Flavor Bomb Can has zero calories and contains 300mg of caffeine. The G FUEL Flavor Bomb tub energy formula is sugar-free and contains antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts. Each serving has 15 calories and contains 140mg of caffeine. 

Flavor Bomb is the third G FUEL flavor that G FUEL and Disney introduced to its fans. The first two flavors were Black Cherry and Kiwi Strawberry versions of the calorie-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, and carbonated G FUEL Sparkling Hydration.

“Free Guy” opens in mid-August in theaters. The adventure-comedy film features actor Ryan Reynolds as a bank teller who discovers he is actually a background player in an open-world video game. He then decides to become the hero of his own story—one he rewrites himself.


Fruit—with Function

Dole Fruitify Fruit Juices

Dole Packaged Foods, LLC, Westlake Village, Calif., introduced Dole Fruitify and Dole Essentials, two new lines of functional fruit juices and fruit bowls.

Dole Fruitify beverages are 65% juice, have fewer than 100 calories per can and contain no added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. They also are non-GMO, kosher, and provide an excellent source of vitamin C. Three varieties are GLOW, with pineapple and mango juices with turmeric; REPLENISH, with pineapple juice and coconut water; and ENERGIZE, with pineapple juice and green tea extract.

Officials say New Dole Essentials give consumers a more “sophisticated and functional snack option.” Dole Essentials are high in vitamin C, gluten-free, non-GMO, and contain no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Varieties include Pineapple with Cucumber & Mint Natural Flavors; Mandarin Oranges with Turmeric; and Mixed Fruit with Green Tea Extract. Dole Essentials are sold in packs of two 7oz, single-serve bowls in BPA-free packaging.


Plant-Based Collagen

Rritual Superfoods Rose Chai Latte

Rritual Superfoods Inc., Vancouver, B.C., said its product innovation and research team completed testing for the first of its new superfood mushroom latte blend formulations. Officials say the items incorporating plant-based collagen enhancers as a key market differentiator.

This fall, Rritual will introduce two new superfood latte powder mixes to promote skin-deep beauty and to boost energy & cognitive performance. Rritual says its plant-based formulation features Tremella fuciformis fruiting body extract 1200mg, an antioxidant-rich mushroom, to help maintain levels collagen.

One new offering is Blushing Rose Chai, a hot mushroom latte powder mix formulated with tremella, or snow mushroom extract, reishi and an array of botanicals and berries known to promote healthy and hydrated skin, nails, and hair.

"… [W]e are driven to create innovative plant-based health solutions that are not only pure and effective, but can easily fit into people's lifestyle and routines," says Stacey Gilllespie, Rritual's chief innovation officer. "We are excited to develop and deliver a high potency of tremella mushroom with other skin-quenching botanicals and superfoods to create a plant-based beauty latte solution and without the need for animal-derived collagen or dairy products. Not only is this a more sustainable and animal-friendly option, but it also works to promote hydrated, toned and youthful looking skin."


Probiotic Tea Shots

Live Soda Probiotic Tea Shots

Since its start in 2013, Live Soda LLC has focused on healthy beverage alternatives to carbonated soft drinks. That led the Austin, Texas, company to develop a line of 12oz bottled Live Kombucha drinks combining organic kombucha’s digestive health benefits with popular soft drink flavors (cola, root beer, orange, etc.).

This summer finds the company extending its portfolio with 2oz Probiotic Tea Shots. They come in three all-natural flavors–Pineapple Coconut, Mango Turmeric, and Guava Botanical—and combine black tea with ingredients such as lemon balm and acerola. 

Officials say Live's Just Relax probiotic tea Shots deliver 2 Billion CFU of probiotics, chamomile and lemon balm. Like the other varieties, Just Relax is certified USDA organic, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, and kosher. Each shot also is zero calorie, zero sugar and zero carbs.

A 12-pack retails for $44.99 at Live Soda’s website.