Florida Food Products (FFP) shared a new insights report from the company’s website. The free download titled, “Meet the Demand for Function and Flavor in Today’s Beverages,” investigates the latest flavor and functionality trends in the beverage industry among today’s consumers.

“The beverage industry is evolving every day, with innovations and trends constantly emerging,” said Shellie Kramer, senior marketing manager, FFP. “Our latest beverage report offers some exciting insight into what today’s consumers are seeking and how beverage manufacturers and innovators can satisfy these rising demands and capture sales. Consumers are choosing beverages that deliver on their desire for clean labels as well as offer health and wellness benefits, yet they are not willing to compromise on flavor.”

FFP’s proprietary consumer research found nearly three-quarters of the overall population of consumers are choosing drinks that provided functional benefits. Additionally, the reported average annual growth was 59% for food and beverage launches tracked with “functional” as part of the product name. The FFP report examines consumer desire for three trending health and wellness areas including:

• Mood Enhancement – Mental well-being has become increasingly focal for consumers. Benefits such as calming, relaxing, and improving mood all help to drive overall beverage sales.
Immunity Boosters – Consumer interest in immunity-boosting ingredients continues to grow. Trending ingredients include everything from green tea and hibiscus to mushrooms and acerola.
Clean Energy Drinks – The growing movement toward clean label energy drinks has driven use of natural sources to boost energy such as yerba mate extract, green tea extract, guayusa leaf, and green coffee extract.

“We hope the insights and drink concepts presented in this report will inspire a new generation of functional and flavorful beverages,” said Kramer. “Our goal is to help manufacturers stay ahead of the curve and quickly build out their functional beverage portfolio. Access to our ever-expanding selection of flavors and formats, clean label ingredients, and innovations help create the kind of brand loyalty that translates into ongoing sales growth.”

FFP offers the flavors, ingredients, and innovations that add great taste as well as functional benefits to an array of products that appeal to the evolving beverage market including:

• Fruit and vegetable concentrates
• Real brewed teas
• Fermented juices
• Coffee extracts

From formulation to the final sip, FFP’s premium flavor solutions give beverage brands limitless possibilities, reliable sourcing, and consistency in product quality to deliver delicious beverage products that will keep consumers coming back for more.

Download the full Insights report.


About FFP 
Florida Food Products, Inc. (FFP) has offered a portfolio of healthy, naturally sourced plant-based food and beverage ingredient solutions for over 65 years. Based in Lake Mary Eustis, Fla., FFP has extensive manufacturing capabilities including extraction, fermentation, drying, and blending technologies, with vegetable juice concentrate production facilities in Florida, flavor creation and production in Melville, N.Y., and premium brewed tea, coffee, and botanicals in John’s Creek, Ga., and coffee extracts, botanicals, L-theanine and natural caffeine production in Vista, Calif., and Indianapolis.